Friday, August 6, 2010

At This Very Moment....

My husband is installing new cabinet pulls in the kitchen. I cannot tell you what a difference this small fix makes. Will have to post about it.

Yes, this is our Friday night. We are rockin' and rollin' people.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Learn Something New....

I have already run into four thousand problems with my doorknob idea.

They are not the problems I assumed I would have.

I assumed that, because I was buying vintage doorknobs, I might have a problem fitting them onto my modern doors, which already have holes and whatnot cut out to support the existing doorknobs. So I measured once, then measured again, then chuckled to myself because I figured I was beating some system and as long as the math added up, I'd be fine.

Welp - totally forgot about the different doorknob types.

There are passage/dummy doorknobs, which exist only to pull or push open a door, and have no locking mechanism. There are privacy doorknobs, which do have a locking mechanism. There are more types, but these two are sufficient detail for the problem I've encountered with my beautiful vintage doorknob set. It arrived today.

'It's beautiful. It's vintage. It fits over the existing hole.

It does not have a locking mechanism, and I only have exactly what you see above. You see, that vintage doorknob is designed to be used with an actual key. See the keyhole? It's not decorative. It once worked.

Therefore, the interior fittings do not have the locking thingie that goes in the doorjamb. I have no single doors that are passage only and don't require a lock. Not a single one. I have two sets of french doors, one of which has passage doorknobs, but...the set above is not just passage. The knobs have that... stick thing... that needs to go into a hole in the door. And I'm not sure I'm up to the task of carving out a doorknob hole, plus it would leave raw metal sticking out one side if I tried to divide the set to use on both doors.

If this is not making any sense, it's because I need to go to bed. Bah, humbug.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thomas Pheasant

I love him.

Well, I love his work, to be clear, having never met him and already being quite in love with someone else, my husband. But if both my husband and Thomas Pheasant were standing in my driveway, begging me to allow one of them to design my living room, I'm afraid I'd have to send my husband off on an errand.

In my defense, if they were both begging for a kiss, my husband would win.

I can't remember who or what introduced me to Thomas Pheasant, a DC based designer that I would love to just answer the phones for, because I know his offices must be splendid. I mean, look:

Yes, that's him, but it's the lamp I can't tear my eyes from. And I love that he found that horse, which is slightly ridiculous, and brought it into that space and poof! Now it's fabulous.

All his rooms just feel like spaces I could be in for a long time. So that's why I love him.

Er, love his work. :)

All images from Architectural Digest.

One of the things that stands out about his rooms, to me, is how he blends traditional leaning items with modern. This is my life's goal, as I am married to a man who loves modern items and, design wise, is in fact somewhat of a minimalist. Compare this to my traditional leanings, complete with braided trim and rooms stuffed with furniture, books and art. 

I believe that a harmonious relationship is reflected in your environment as well. I remember reading an interview with Jennifer Aniston, immediately post-Brad, in which she noted that at least now, she could buy a comfortable couch (apparently Brad likes hard, angular furniture, while she is more slip covered Shabby Chic. At least that's what I gleaned). Therefore, it wouldn't be fair for me to bury our house in antique, sculpted armoires atop Persian rugs, even if they are hand woven and unmatched in beauty by any other type rug in the world. Ahem. The least I can do is toss a clean lined armoire on top of the Persian rug. 

And that is something Thomas Pheasant would do. Albeit better.