Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Light On The Ceiling Goes Round and Round....

Technically, I dislike ceiling fans. They are not an aesthetic favorite, and I have a hard time finding ones I like, beyond the big Tommy Bahama looking ones that lazily swirl over porches - those I like. Having neither a porch nor a porch ceiling, they are nothing like the ones I have, and so I'm contemplating replacing them.

Well, that's not true. I *know* I want to replace them, but I'm not sure with what. There really is no substitute for the delicious breezes they create, so I've made peace with the three ceiling fans we have in our master bedroom, living room and kitchen. I just haven't made peace with the brass fittings and walnut veneered blades the master bedroom and living room fans have, and I'm only eh about the all white version in the kitchen.

Because I don't love them, finding a replacement is going to be tricky. My "perfect light" is a lamp with a beautiful shade on a table. All other lighting - let's just say I'm no easy date, since I'm already shopping outside my lamp on the table preferences.

But there are a few contenders. All these are from Lamps Plus, and let me tell you: scrolling through nineteen pages of ceiling fans is no pleasant task. I need to make a new rule: once you've found something you like, you can stop looking. Too bad I'm looking for three different rooms, however.

Anyway. This one hides the blades a bit, a concept I really like. It's a little too...something for me, though.

This also conceals the blades, and could possibly be a contender in the kitchen, depending on what we decide to do there.

That last one also seems like a cute addition to my son's room, and as long as we're talking boy - the next is probably the first ceiling fans I've ever seen and dubbed as adorable:

Very aerial.

Back to the grownup spaces... the three blade fans seem to really be catching my eye:

They seem sleek and unobtrusive. Less obtrusive, even, than a white ceiling fan, which theoretically should "disappear" into the ceiling, but from my experience, does not. So if you're going to see it anyway, it may as well have some ooomph.

This one is similar, but with a darker shade, which I think improves it:

Last, this one brings a coastal vibe I really like. I'm wondering if it's too casual for my living room, but it could probably work well in my bedroom:

Some of these may be a hard sell to my husband, so we shall see.

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