Monday, July 26, 2010

Mid-Century Modern, the Chorus

It's fitting that a day after the season premier of Mad Men I should run into this mid-century decorated doctor's waiting room(I don't know whether I want to work for Don Draper or make an honest man out of him. I'd decline the latter based on my being married, but it seems, unfortunately, that that would make me exactly his type. But I digress).

I love the chairs.

Image from the Bucks blog.

I also like the coffee table, the artwork, the planter (I could see that on my deck) and the rug. The colors also work nicely. This is from an article detailing how you can punish doctors who keep you waiting, but this would rank fairly high on my list of waiting rooms.

Well, technically, it would rank number two, behind one I saw recently in Owings Mills, Maryland, that made great use of mod fabric (sorry, no photos). Otherwise, I'd have to admit I haven't run across many design noteworthy physician waiting rooms, but one can always hope.

Be well. :)

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L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

I wish my doctors office look like this! I like a few mid century pieces here and there. Like you pointed out, I like the chairs and the planters. My eyes really went to the artwork:-)

Have a great night!