Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Theft

I had to do it.

I love everything about the room below, so it was physically impossible for me to not right click on it, snatch it from the wonderful blog House of Turquoise (if you love blue and do not read House of Turquoise everyday, you are leading an unfulfilled life) and hurl it with amazing speed onto my own blog. I want it to rest here so I can easily find it again and show it off. I need it to rest here.

I love the symmetry.
I love the bold use of the very ornate sideboard and hutch (will that much going on, are they still just a sideboard and hutch?).
I love the playful, bold fabric on the chairs, which marries the traditional styled chair with a contemporary feel.
I love the doors - I want to propose to the doors and bear their children... sixteen of them, in fact, which is the number of interior doors in my own house.
I love the window treatments.
I always thought I disliked the fake candlestick chandeliers, until I saw it here. Love.
Love the gilt edged mirror. Life without a little gilt is boring.
Love the cream walls.
Love the painted ceiling. The ceiling alone makes me want to run out and buy paint, and subject my family to all sorts of fumes TONIGHT. We are having a heatwave in the Mid-Atlantic; opening windows is out of the question.

I love this dining room. Would that mine become even a shadow. Thank you to House of Turquoise (and designer Caldwell Flake, I believe) for sharing.


L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Girl, I just commented on this photo over at Room Remix-the bog! I too love this room. And that blue....Swoon!

How have you been?!

MzMannerz said...

I'm well, how are you? Loved your vacation photos. Would only have loved them more if *I* had been the one on vacation!

Yes, love this room. Can't say enough about it. It makes me want to get to work on my projects!