Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art for the Little Girl's Room

The mood board for Madeline's room was based on four ACEO prints I found on Etsy. Here it is again:

I fell in love with the color combinations on the bird prints: orange, blue, green and yellow. The walls of the nursery were already yellow, which I thought was a nice, unisex color even if Jason Bateman joked about it NOT being unisex in Juno. "Have you ever met a guy who said he'd like to paint his bedroom yellow?" was the line, or something similar. Ha. :)

But I digress. Yellow walls could hold my teensy ACEO prints. A trip to Michael's and a question led me to a secret: Michael's will cut mats for you without a frame purchase. That was good news, since the cost of framing the prints to make them a more substantial size was going to be over $100 per, and the cost of double mats for each print was just $16. I already owned two of the frames, bought two more, and got the whole set ready for hanging for a quarter of the price of custom frames.

Now, I'm trying to figure out where to hang them in the room. I need to take some photos of the window treatments (and window placement) to consider this, as well as where her big girl bed will be.

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