Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nightstands For A Little Girl

For some reason, I've become fixated on having unique side tables for my daughter's bedroom, and at some point that fixation narrowed down to a desire for tray tables.

No, I have not figured out how to keep a tray table from snapping closed on my toddler. First, I need to FIND the tables, and then will commence the worrying about the snapping closed thing.

These tray tables have proven to be elusive. Either they are too utilitarian:

Or too fancy for a little girl:

I'm hoping to find something simple, with clean lines, in white. Unfortunately, this one is sold by a store in the United Kingdom, a place we are not even thinking of visiting until the twins can walk unaided through an airport.

Also, the sides are slightly higher than I envisioned. There are others, but they are not quite right. Too modern:

Not white (although for the perfect one, I could paint).

The table doesn't necessarily have to fold... I like this:

That table seems very utilitarian, too, given that it's usually in a hospital or medical office, but again, I'm envisioning it painted white, sans wheels.  I like this one, too:

Again, painted white.

The main issue with all of these, however, is that I need to buy them from a brick and mortar store, to assess the aforementioned probability of snapping closed, pinching fingers, or otherwise causing issues.

I haven't run into it yet, but the hunt continues. I suspect that while I track down the tray tables, I will come across something else I like just as much or better, and will go with that. We'll see.


CBelle said...

You should consider this option from Kmart. I saw it a few months ago in house beautiful.


MzMannerz said...

Thank you! There is a KMart near me so I will go have a look.