Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where In The World

I was inspired by several interior design related blogs when I decided to create this one (and one day I'll get a sidebar listing all of them). One of my newest favorite reads is Home To Three Duncan Boys, a blog I've been reading for a month or two. A recent post there featured a framed map in a playroom, and it reminded me of a little secret I have: I am a little bit obsessed with using maps in decorating.

At least I think it's a secret. I have two globes and two maps in the house. This is in contrast to the   twenty globes and maps in every room I'd have if I bought every one that caught my eye. Two (three?) years ago I purchased a set of old National Geographic maps because I was inspired by a room I saw in Coastal Living.

The photo of which I completely lost. Gone. Done.

I suppose it's just as well, since I was never going to hire a wallpaper company and ask them to hang my maps the way the owner of the inspiration room did. Instead, I will probably frame a few of the maps that are relevant to our lives (our state, parts of the Eastern Seaboard, the Chesapeake Bay??) and hang them in my toddler son's room. I'll still get the impact of the maps, but won't have to remove map wallpaper if he decides he wants a different look someday.

I like this look from a pic at Country Living Magazine:

But it's not quite what I'm aiming for. This image from the blog Fric and Frac is closer:

I do know I hope to have at least three framed, or an odd number at any rate. This is where Ikea will come in handy... inexpensive frames, using plastic instead of glass (all the better for a toddler's room, given the size of the frames and the fact that he might be able to reach them). I will probably just buy the frames and cut the maps to fit them.

Considering all the attention I have been giving my daughter's room, I feel a little less guilty having given some thought to my younger son's room now. :)

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