Monday, May 3, 2010

Project One: A little girl's room

First, I want to clarify: my house is not quite still the bland box it was when we first moved in. We've lived here four years, and have made tweaks and improvements along the way. The bland box (or, the blue box as we often refer to it) came to us in 2006, and it was the closest thing to a near tear down my husband would ever sign up for.

Yes: I'd love to buy something that required gutting and renovating. My husband prefers house projects that don't require lengthy stays in hotels. The compromise? Our blue box: A coastal style colonial with modern layout, all decked out in builder's grade finishes, courtesy of the house flipping previous owner. In other words, a house we could comfortably live in while we took our time, let it speak to us, and watch evolve over time. A slow evolution works for me, a victim of paralysis by analysis, and works for my husband, who prefers slow leaks to the banking account as opposed to full faucet pours.

However, there is a line.

I'm at the point where we need to be finished with the small projects so the big ones can commence (and be given their due attention). First up: my daughter's bedroom. She is a two year old twin, and this bedroom is evolving into her own as her brother slowly moves into his own room.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the room as their nursery. The window treatments, which were eventually recalled by Pottery Barn Kids:

The dresser:

A little chair I meant to do more with and still haven't. It is moving into my son's room - future look to be determined:

I realize now I don't have any full shots of the room. Not surprising: I rarely take full room shots because 1. I am a poor photographer and 2. generally, I prefer to look at the details of rooms and not full rooms myself. Nevertheless, as I move through projects, I think a full on shot of rooms will become necessary and I'll try to do better. Suffice it to say, the room was full of light, both from the two windows, and the two babies.

But those two babies don't exist anymore. They are two active toddlers, growing really fast, and they grew out of those cribs.

Here is the mood board for Madeline's room. I'm excited that this blog will exist to track this project from vision to reality.

Updates soon!

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