Friday, May 28, 2010

Projects and Lions and Bears, Oh My!

I believe I am skipping too many days between posts here, which is happening because I haven't had a chance to take photographs so I can illustrate what I'm talking about.

I have a lot of projects simmering - lots to talk about. My major project is my daughter's room, but I am also collecting items for my son's room, on the lookout for a console table and low bookshelf for the living room, I'm scouting a dining room table, my office needs attention, and I need a new mirror for our entry way.

Each of those rooms has received a new little trinket or two over the past several months, and I need to get my shutter clicking. I suppose that will be my decorating goal next week: putting it all in pictures!

It's hard to believe that we renovated our old house and then immediately sold it. I hand picked every stone, tile, cabinet, etc., for our old kitchen (I do not think I handpicked that ground beef that's morphing into spaghetti sauce):

We made our master bathroom over, turning a small space into a small retreat:

Remember what I said about my habit of taking photos of just pieces of a room? Sorry about that. Anyway, we did the same with the hall bath:

It's funny how we took elements out of that home and into this one, and they just don't translate seamlessly. The art in our old master bathroom is in our new master bath, but it's not singing to me. Another project.

I once had a fully decorated living room, with little vignettes that made me happy:

Then we sold that house, and bought an empty box.

That was how we found the living room - a blank slate, waiting for us to make it home. We brought in all our things and painted.

We knew many of the things would be changing, but boy - we didn't realize how much! Toddler twins have taken that room nearly back to the blank slate. But as they get older, we are slowly bringing things back in.

A couple other early house pics:

This table, shown in my master bathroom, has had a lot of lives in this house. It's currently my nightstand!

The jewelry boxes below aren't arranged like this anymore:

And we've certainly taken down the Christmas garland from our first holiday season.

So here I am, knee deep in projects, hopefully a little better with the camera compared to back then, if only I get around to taking some current shots.

Stay tuned (please!).

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